Monday, 13 October 2008

Internal Review

We had an internal review meeting for the online stochastic modelling course and it became clear that the reviewers and the course developers had very different expectations. This means the plan needs to be better documented so that the reviewers can understand the perspective of the course developers. The reviewers are subject experts and from their point of view the course needs more content, but from a course implementation point of view this is not possible for pedagogical reasons as the course already tries to cover a large amount of material. To correct this problem we need to add more to the course specification and the implicit factors in the design need to be made explicit. To do this we need to write:

  1. A clear description of the audience for the course.
  2. A clearer course aim – this might be separate to the existing specification.
  3. A set of course objectives these could be distinguished from the learning outcomes of the specification.
    1. Sub-objectives should also be defined on a unit by unit basis.
  4. An outline of the content to describe how these objectives might be achieved.
  5. A description and justification of the media to be used.
  6. A discussion of learner support – the tutor requirements.
  7. A review of existing material – this will include the reasoning for choosing to base the course around a set text.

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