Monday, 27 April 2015

It is always disappointing interacting with those you admire.

I have to remind myself that I should not overly admire people as they often prove to be as flawed as everyone else. So I believe strongly in rights for sex workers and I was disappointed to learn that Tina Fey does a lot of anti-sex worker "comedy". Today I was being generous and giving her the benefit of the doubt and so I was thinking aloud, well she may just be delivering the material, she might not be the writer and if you have a show you can just be there to deliver the lines and not think too much about the content.

So anyway Dr Brooke Magnanti had made the allegation and there was a link to the Saturday Night Live routine. I had sent her a tweet saying about maybe she is just a performer. To which she responded strongly. I have seen interactions on Twitter before and I would say she often responds pretty strongly. Often this is with justification and my tweet certainly annoyed her. So I carefully wrote another saying it is not an excuse but implying that nobody is perfect and if she was a writer as well she had no excuses at all.

So Brooke Magnanti's response was:

Dude. I get you want to argue this but fuck off, she makes jokes about dead bodies of people like me. Begone.

Along of course with a block. So while I am very disappointed with Tina Fey. However I am also disappointed with Brooke Magnanti and this is a bigger disappointment to me personally because she was the person I admired that I was alluding to in the title.

Now with more time to do my research and get an informed opinion rather than just living of tweets I know that Fey was the chief writer for SNL when they did the French Hooker sketches and that is just one of a long line of offences (

Stoya's article is great as usual. So Fey is bad and didn't deserve the benefit of the doubt it is a sort of, whatever as I am not that big a fan. I just wanted to be sure she was not being done an injustice, as I have jumped on too many band-waggons on Twitter and I was balance and thoughtful today. I make plenty of mistakes and so sending Magnanti my other tweet was one. Fey is definitely a slut shamer and sex worker hater.

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