Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Education: More on the OLPC

For those who do not know OLPC is One Laptop Per Child, the project to make cheap laptops available to everyone to make sure that we do not have a world of haves and have nots (perhaps making sure they have food and clean water first might also help but lets keep to the point). Anyway this is an opportunity for a massive change in the way we educate and so educational philosophy has played a key part in the management of the project and the project's aims. This has also been a major cause of disagreements.

A new "OLPC rant" is available from another member of the team who resigned. The problem is not which educational ideal they want to use but rather the best way of implementing it. Should we be open source or not? So in the end we always get bogged down in turning theory into practice. Whereas if we took a more pragmatic approach we would program and be damned - we would have a less developed theory that we adapt by practice and the main theory we should have is that flexibility is essential as we cannot create a system which will suit all learners and all teachers in all educational circumstances.

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