Thursday, 17 December 2009

Stories to Tell for Teaching

  • Water tank the ball-cock sticking. This would not be a problem if the over-flow was not blocked as well because it was dirty with not being used for so long. This is an example of a double failure in a control system (Chernobyl).
  • Inherent Bias in Fox News (Simpsons episode with the Gummi Bear on the babysitter).
  • Losing the car keys of a hire car on Haytor on Dartmoor. We found them by asking around!
  • Willow's finger. In the film Willow, Willow is asked by the old magician in which of his fingers can the magic be found. Willow picks one of the old man's fingers but this was wrong her should have picked his own!
  • Giving my first public lecture it as going to be judged by an eminent scientist. I was very nervous and did not speak very loud so the scientist who was at the back asked me to speak up. I shouted back "I have finished!"

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