Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Academics as strategic learners

To be an academic you have to have done well as a student. But is that because you were a deep-learning conscientious student or because you were a strategic shallow learner. I was doing a teaching course and one of the other participants confessed that she had always been a strategic shallow learner. She would just cram the week before the exam and then forget everything as soon as the exams were over. In the end she left lecturing and decided to take a gap-year, as she had gone from student to post-grad to lecturer.
Thinking about the tasks we have been assigned, are people on the course acting as strategic learners? We are all busy and trying to balance work, life and studying so is it reasonable to take a strategic approach? Not everyone have completed the wiki task and the discussions have not been very active. Not linking tasks and assessment is definitely a bad idea if you want to make students participate.

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