Sunday, 10 November 2013

Guardian Statistics Teaching Examples

Climate change doubled likelihood of devastating UK floods of 2000 | Environment | The Guardian
Al Gore is doing a disservice to science by overplaying the link between climate change and weather | Myles Allen | Environment |
Data journalism and data visualization | News | The Guardian
Murder around the world mapped | News |
What effect has the internet had on our sex lives? | Technology | Technology | The Observer
Data visualisation: in defence of bad graphics | News |
DIY statistical analysis: experience the thrill of touching real data | Ben Goldacre | Comment is free | The Guardian
IMF slashes global growth forecasts | Business |
How did this get on the science page? | Jon Butterworth | Life & Physics | Science |
America's science decline [video] | GrrlScientist | Science |
UK GDP since 1948 | News |
Fruit and vegetable consumption by poorer families falls 30%, figures show | Society | The Guardian
Women and the maths problem | Helen Powell | Comment is free |
Why I changed my mind about homeopathy | Edzard Ernst | Science |
Voting reform and the London mayor| James Ball | Comment is free |
The graph that shows how far David Cameron wants to shrink the state | Aditya Chakrabortty | Comment is free | The Guardian
The Twitter news map of Britain | News |
Number of adults in England with poor numeracy rising | Education |
The drugs don't work: a modern medical scandal | Ben Goldacre | Business | The Guardian
Living standards report shows bleak future of a divided Britain | Politics | The Observer
PCC election results 2012: what's happened in the police and crime commissioner votes | News |
Social mobility: the charts that shame Britain | News |
Times digital subscribers rise to just under 120,000 | Media |
The wave equation explained – audio slideshow | Science |
Simple mathematical equations explained | Science | The Guardian
Nadine Dorries vs. Science | Martin Robbins | Science |
Arab spring: an interactive timeline of Middle East protests | World news |
Beware the sexperts | Society | The Guardian
Information is Beautiful: Which fish are good to eat? Visualised | News |
Information is Beautiful: You've Been Quango'ed visualisation | News |
There's a wealth of data out there – why not let us use it? | Ben Goldacre | Comment is free | The Guardian
UN says world hungry not 1 billion after all | World news | The Guardian
2012 Democratic Audit: British democracy in 'terminal decline'. Get the data | News |
Yes, lead poisoning could really be a cause of violent crime | George Monbiot | Comment is free | The Guardian
America's Real Criminal Element: Lead | Mother Jones
The state of our union is … dumber: How the linguistic standard of the presidential address has declined | World news |
Asteroid 2013 TV135: doomsday again (yawn) | Stuart Clark | Science |

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