Monday, 11 November 2013

Statistics Resources

Global Risks 2011, Sixth Edition - Risk Response Network - World Economic Forum
The Triola Statistics Series Companion Website
Power of a Hypothesis Test Applet
Spatial data on the web by state: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Lab at MIT
Visualize This: The FlowingData Guide to Design, Visualization, and Statistics
Distribution Tables
The Fact Checker
ESE 502 Home Page
Campbell's Law - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
NESTA - Big Data Resources
Exeter City Council : Statistics and census information
Interactive Statistical Calculation Pages
Home | Being Wrong
Gender, Institutions and Development Database 2012 (GID-DB)
About the British Social Attitudes survey - The King's Fund
Internet Archive Search: subject:"statistics"
A note-book of agricultural facts and figures
Online activities | Pew Internet & American Life Project
Statistics notes | BMJ
Reusing, Revising, Remixing and Redistributing Research | PLOS Blogs Network
david's blog | Understanding Uncertainty
Visual ANOVA
Ipsos MORI | Trend | Cutting spending on public services or making them more efficient - Trends
Ipsos MORI | Poll | 7 Out Of 10 Want To Pay More To Protect Services
Ipsos MORI | Trend | Reduce taxes or maintain government spending?
January « 2012 « Probability and statistics blog
NHS Evidence | Search Engine for Evidence in Health and Social Care
The Cochrane Collaboration open learning material
RevMan | The Cochrane IMS
Collected Works: Statistics - Associated Content -
Home |
OS OpenData - Increasing innovation and supporting Making Public Data Public
WWW Epidemiology Virtual Library
R Graphical Manual
Pie radius
Art of Problem Solving (AoPS)
SOCR: Statistics Online Computational Resource
International Mathematical Olympiad
Khan Academy
Portal:Mathematics - Wikiversity
Scratch | Home | imagine, program, share
Lecture notes: 5. Hidden Markov models
Intro to the Power Tutorial
Russ Lenth's power and sample-size page
Hypothesis testing and power
Tables of p values Useful Stats Books
Nate Silver - FiveThirtyEight Blog -
Statistics and Dice
Galton Board - demonstration
Journal of Statistics Education, V10N3: Aberson
Confidence Interval Analysis (CIA) Software :: Research - Faculty of Medicine - University of Southampton, Faculty of Medicine Chapter06.pdf
Pearson - Foundation Maths MyMathLab Global pack, 5/E - Anthony Croft & Robert Davison
The Geneva Association – Risk and Insurance Economics and Research
D3.js - Data-Driven Documents
Central Limit Theorem Demo Applet (22-Jul-1996)
Mathematics and Statistics - - Newcastle University
Maths E.G
Download Galton Board Model Free - A Galtom board simulation. - Softpedia
Quincunx Boards
Girls Lead in Science Exam, but Not in the United States - Interactive Graphic -
One Nation Under The Gun: Thousands Of Gun Deaths Since Newtown
How Techspeak Can Hurt Your English Grammar Skills [Infographic]
Highcharts - Interactive JavaScript charts for your webpage
Home : The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site
Download Splunk for free on your operating system
Marchini's Homepage
KNIME | Konstanz Information Miner
Creating a histogram in OpenOffice Calc - WikiEducator

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