Monday, 11 November 2013

Politics Statistics Examples

Headline of the day: An odd correction | Preliator pro Causa
The Green Benches: Graph shows last night's By-Election was the worst performance on record for the Tory Party.
The five most overrated presidents | The Daily Caller
Petition | Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell: Count all the votes in Maricopa County |
Gallup is very upset at Nate Silver -
U21 EAEko hauteskundeak 2012
Lib Dem bar charts always lie - Two Doctors
UK Polling Report
How White Will the Electorate Be? -- Daily Intel
Bill Clinton’s claim about GOP vs. Democratic job growth - The Washington Post
FactCheck: Foxed by former defence secretary’s economy claims | The FactCheck Blog
State By State Government Land Ownership
red state, blue state, welfare state, subsidizing state « scatterplot
Economist's View: "Red States, Blue States and the Distribution of Federal Spending"
@NumbersMuncher Eats @fivethirtyeight's Lunch
The Researcher Behind the Ovulation Voting Study Responds - Percolator - The Chronicle of Higher Education
ReadWrite – How Statistician Nate Silver Threw A Wrench Into Traditional Election Metrics
The Accuracy of the Final National Polls — The Monkey Cage
Physics Buzz: How did Nate Silver Get the Election Odds so Wrong?
Nate Silver was right about 2012. But that doesn't mean Republicans will never win the presidency again – Telegraph Blogs
House Election Results
Debunking Two Nate Silver Myths | Good Math, Bad Math
Which Polls Fared Best (and Worst) in the 2012 Presidential Race -
Why Super Tuesday could be the beginning of the end — in one chart - The Washington Post
Do voters really flee high-tax states? - The Washington Post
karl rove - Google Correlate
US election 2012: South Carolina by numbers - Telegraph
Michigan and Arizona exit polls: Five things to watch - Behind the Numbers - The Washington Post
Conservative party conspiracy to sabotage climate change progress - Greenpeace UK
PRESENTING: The Truth About Unemployment In America
UK Polling Report
Election Analytics | University of Illinois
Zelo Street: Guido Fawked – Less Trusted Than Facebook
Red States Are The Real Welfare States | Addicting Info
Facts aren't Left- or Right-wing – Telegraph Blogs
Sorry, nerds: Popular kids earn more in the long run

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